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Behind the Science of ageLOC - interviewing Dr. Joseph Chang

"At Nu Skin’s October 2009 convention in Los Angeles,Direct Selling NewsManaging Editor Nancy Laichas had the opportunity to spend some time with Nu Skin Chief Scientific Officer Joe Chang and discuss what makes Nu Skin’s ageLOC product line a breakthrough in the battle to combat aging.

NL:  Tell me how Nu Skin develops its anti-aging products?

JC: If you look at Nu Skin over the last 25 years, we have always used science to develop our products, based on the premise that we must know the mechanism of how that particular product works or the mechanism of the ingredients that we incorporate into the products. We’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge, and every time we’d go back and reexamine that mechanism that we first started off with, it’s usually downstream. It’s either affecting a protein or it’s affecting a degree of enzyme that destroys the elasticin and collagen on your face. It’s always something to do with a protein-related kind of molecule.

NL: How did this knowledge lead to the development of the ageLOC product line?     

JC: Since 2003, we’ve known that all the proteins come from genes. But we couldn’t get our arms around the genes, because until 2003, nobody knew what the genes were. How many genes do we have that make you who you are and what you are? Nobody knew until the human genome sequence—I still feel that was bigger than landing on the moon. Fundamentally, we now know how the human body is put together. We’ve got a gene map—20,000 cities you can go visit, so to speak—to find the ones that are really related to aging. 

NL: How did that research lead to ageLOC?

JC: We had the bull’s-eye, and now we could go hunting for gene clusters that affect aging in skin tissue. We found four gene clusters that each are linked to certain benefits on the skin and know what they do if they don’t behave properly. What does your dermatologist tell you? Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, right? We found the genes that regulate moisturization of the skin. The second gene cluster we found is related to lines and wrinkles—the destruction of elasticin and collagen. Another is associated with pigmentation and blemishes.

NL: How can this science be used to combat the effects of aging in other organs?

JC: It’s going to take a lifetime to look at every single gene and figure out those that are related to aging. We have found the gene clusters that are responsible for youthfulness. So we’re trying to go figure out how to reset those clusters in other organs. Ultimately, what we really want to do is develop a supplement that can help you live longer.

NL: As a scientist, what does ageLOC mean to you personally?

JC: I spent the first half of my career in the pharmaceutical industry, and I was fortunate enough to contribute to the development of three significant drugs—one for brain tumors, one for arthritis and one for organ rejection. When I look back, that was really satisfying personally, but those drugs only helped a very specific population. For those people, it was one of the most meaningful things I could give them, but with ageLOC, we’re talking about helping everybody, regardless of creed, regardless of gender, regardless of age. I think ageLOC is cool. The potential is so great that everybody can derive the benefit."