Values and Meaning

You Have
the Power

"The desire to create is one 
of the deepest yearnings 
of the human soul." 
"No matter our talents, education, backgrounds
 or abilities, we each have 
an inherit wish 
to create something 
that did not exist before."  
"Everyone can create.  
You don't need money, position or influence in order to create something 
of substance or beauty.  
"You might say 
'I'm not the creative type'.  
If that is how you feel, 
think again, and remember 
that you are spirit daughters (sons) of the most creative being in the universe!  
Isn't it remarkable to think that your very spirits are fashioned by an endlessly creative and eternally compassionate God?"  
"Think about it.  Your spirit body is a masterpiece, created with a beauty, function and capacity beyond imagination."
Creation is your opportunity 
in this life, 
and in the life to come.
"Start small. 
Creativity does not require 
a brush, a pen, 
or the keys of a piano." 
"Don't let the voice of critics paralyze you. You will make the world a better place."
"The more you trust and rely upon the spirit, the more your capacity to create." 
Dieter F. Uchtdorf

We are Children of The Great Creator 
We are "God's Toddlers".

We are spiritual beings learning to function in a physical reality.  
We exercise our power of choice to create our life experiences, 
and we can change our life experience instantly, 
by simply changing our thoughts. 

Thoughts create feelings, which create perceptions, 
which then through the workings of our subconscious mind, bring about actions and reactions which then manifest 
as experiences in our reality. 
Regardless of our worldly circumstance, 
we can choose thoughts which create more struggle, pain and scarcity, 
or we can choose thoughts which lift our spirits 
and fill us with hope, calmness, clarity and peace. 

Life Creation Story
Jo Lyn Rasmussen Cornelsen
"With five children and a big mortgage, my journey into self-employment was serious business.  The need to help my husband provide for our growing family motivated me to put my whole heart and soul into creating Quality Nurse Consultants.  New to the Home Business world, I was afraid I'd somehow come up lacking."  

"I focused completely and worked constantly - sometimes only sleeping a few short hours each night. The business grew and flourished - but at the same time, our precious family struggled and my health took a nose-dive." 

"As I look back, I realize that in my 'take everything seriously' approach,
I made my life far more difficult that it needed to be, and my choices created conflicts in my values and increased struggle in my life."  

"Had I first consciously sought balance and inner peace, I could have found ways to pay attention to all my important values... being available to my husband and children, conserving my health, providing service to my customers, growing my professional expertise and serving in my Church."  

"It's a matter of operating from trust and faith, rather than from ignorance and fear.  How does one successfully move into to such a place?"  

"It's a matter of 'line upon line, precept on precept."
"Life experiences will force change onto reluctant learners."
"Acceptance, openness and willingness will get you there more quickly, 
and with more grace and ease."
"In terms of physical health, my naturopath taught me:
1. Stop causing damage.
2. Detoxify.
3. Stabilize.
4. Build.

"The same process works with changing in other directions as well. 
1. Recognize what's not working, and stop repeating the self-defeating behaviors.
2. Release old negative habits or patterns that no longer serve you.
3. Accept yourself - that you are exactly who you need to be at any given moment. 
4. Create new, healthier, more satisfying patterns, beliefs and behaviors."

"Releasing what no longer works in your life paves the way for growth and development, a requisite for recognizing and accepting truth." 

"May you be blessed in your own New Beginning." - Jo Lyn