Health and Energy

Awesome Tools to Enhnace Vibrant Health & Well-Being

My Naturopath teaches that healing the body is a 4 step process: 
1. Stop causing damage
2. Detoxify the body
3. Stabilize
4. Build

The same 4 step process is true for ailments of the mind and spirit.  
Understand that ailments of all kinds indicate the presence of "stuck" energy in body and mind. 

Healing begins with a conscious choice to change, and enlightened awareness of the magnetic and creative power of thought, emotion and action: 
the "Law of Attraction". 
Playing in the back yard at age eight with a bunch of neighborhood kids, my big brother swaggered over in full teenage bravado, and said sneeringly, "What are you going to do when you grow up?"  I piped right up... "I'm going to be a nurse, a teacher and write books."  I also knew I'd be a mom (just didn't say that to my "I'm better than you" brother at the time. How did I know those things at the early age of eight? How can any child "predict" what they'll do in their lives? 

Actually, that "inner knowing" is intrinsically inside us from before this mortal life. We come here from the spirit realm to share our unique gifts -  and to experience this physical world.  The trouble is, we lose our "inner knowing" for a few key reasons:
1. We take on generational patterns in our body cell DNA at birth. 
2. Not-so-sweet life experiences pop our sub-conscious mind into survival mode.   

Our mission is to do more than simply survive life - too many of us have accepted pain and suffering as a requirement for spiritual advancement and as a normal state of being.  

Once we know how, we can easily and effortlessly clear away old energies, beliefs and negative patterning, and learn to function consistently in love, abundance, prosperity, confidence, grace and appreciation.  We are designed to experience a full measure of joy.
Faith and Fear are Opposites
Release Fears - Embrace Life