Financial Support, Strength & Stability

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I have learned that creating a life of 
Authentic Wholeness is an ongoing process, 
not a one-time event. A sense of calm, peaceful assurance is our indicator that we're "getting it together" and are "living our truth". 

If we behave like Alice in Wonderland, always asking others which way we ought to go, the answer will always be the same: 
"it depends on where you want to get to."  
We need to become crystal clear about what we want, 
and take back our own inherent power to create and receive it. 

Our inner world reflects in our outer world ~ 
and our outer world experience 
is directly related to our access to cash.
It is possible to be on a path of success in some areas 
and not yet in others. Evidence that we are on a positive path 
shows in richly joyous personal relationships, a constantly improving state of health and wellness, industrious productivity, overall life satisfaction, and yes, even in our relationship with money.   

"Money is a form of Energy, and can flow without limits to those who consistently employ the laws which govern it's movement. "
Lack of Financial Strength & Stability 
is a symptom of Inner Conflict, 
which creates 
the Debilitating Condition of Scarcity. 
Inner conflict may relate to genetics, confusion, 
ineffective beliefs, habitual self-defeating behaviors, 
lack of information, or even "trapped trauma".  

The good news is,
1. We can gather new information to help define a clear path, and
2. There are tools we can use to release inner conflict.
The results: we can shift any facet 
of our life experience ~ 
even our experience with money.

"Sift new information through your own Authentic Value Filters, 
add Faith and Works, and soon you'll be enjoying the 
Powerful Process of Creating your own Miracles." ~ Jo Lyn Cornelsen

 "Did you know that we all have a Money Energy" 
Money is an energy that is directly influenced by our beliefs... 
mostly subconscious beliefs. I once read a book called "The Energy of Money". It opened my eyes to the source of my problem... but not to a viable solution.

Despite my increased understanding about my self-limiting set-point, I'd get just so far toward my money goals and then "tank". I sensed that I was self-sabotaging, but didn't know how to make the shift into prosperity thinking. Finally, when I learned some simple energy clearing techniques, my experience with money and my level of life satisfaction began to change.

I can teach you, in just a few sessions, how to clear and shift your own negative energy patterns, and not only free yourself from self-limiting beliefs and conflicting inner values, but also to use these exercises to grow into a new realm of conscious creation and self mastery.  These techniques are simple, but very powerful. Once you learn them, you'll be able to maintain balance and focus and go forward, even as you deal with life's inevitable challenges.
Learn to aise your Vibrational Set Point from Stressed & Striving to Connected & Thriving, which automatically triggers the Law of Attraction to work in your favor!

In fact, it is imperative that you become very rich, 
for without money and resources, the good you can do 
is limited to your personal presence.  
However, with an abundance of money, 
the good you can do in this world expands
 beyond the borders of your personal world, 
and can be far-reaching.  

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Need to Flow 
More Money? 
Create an Excellent 
Home Based Business!

Rejuvenate Youth

Customizable Internet 
Marketing System

Most Needed Home Based Business:

Got Scarcity? 
Shift Your Money Energy! 
Jo Lyn's QNC Clarity Coaching

"Learn toThink in Terms of Net Worth Rather than Income"
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" 
by T. Harv Eker

Family Financial Guidance

"...Freely ye have received, freely give." Matthew 10:8

Money is Energy - a Spiritual Resource. 
It is God's Support for us as we go through our Earthly Experience. 
Align with the Flow!

How to tell if any advice you receive is truely good for you:
"If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him." James 1:5

"For behold, are we not all beggars? 
Do we not all depend 
upon the same Being, 
even God, 
for all the substance which we have, 
for both food and raiment, 
and for gold, and for silver, 
and for all the riches 
which we have of every kind?"  
Mosiah 4:19

"...Ask, and it shall be given you;
 seek, and ye shall find;
 knock, and it shall be opened 
unto you." Luke 11:9

Change Your Thoughts = Change Your Life
The Science of Getting Rich and the Master Key System are complimentary ebooks to help you on your path! 
Happy Reading!