Healthy Nutrition & Weight Control 

Weight Control & Nutrition has no "One Size Fits All" Solution... but there are 
a number of proven, reliable systems that can help you revitalize your health. 
Four Steps to Healing: 1. Stop causing damage; 2. Detoxify; 3. Stabilize; 4. Build

"Nature's Best Medicine" is healthy food, pure water, and quality bio-available supplements.    Today's food markets and convenience stores are full of processed products that are full of chemicals, refined sugar, corn syrup, and additives. Many products offer only empty calories that do not satisfy the nutritional needs of your body cells - that's why you can still be hungry, even after eating large amounts." 

"Naturopathic detoxification includes a variety of herbal remedies.  In addition to nutritional support, my naturopath prescribed UNDA drops, which I took sub-lingually (under the tongue). Taking them seemed very strange - but within six months, my liver enzymes, which had been elevated for 30 years, were at normal levels.  That's DETOX!"

"My Naturopath, Dr. Heather Roberts of Natural Choice in Vancouver, WA, put me on the Ultra Lite Diet - a proprietary diet of foods low in allergy potential. Too tired to think straight, I just did what she told me, and nothing more or less.  Following the diet strictly, I actually gained weight the first week.  "Not to worry," she said.  "It's just fluid shift.  I kept going, and in six months, I lost @60 pounds. Basically, I got my life back."

"Beneath all Physical Health issues are Subtle Energy Blocks, caused by stress or traumas various origins." 

"Authentic Wholeness is multi-faceted - Mind/Body/Spirit."

"Recognizing & releasing negative energy blocks is just as important as getting the right nutrition & exercise."
Pictures Speak a Thousand Words
Jo Lyn (54) with Dad, (87) March 2006. Stressed, depleted & exhausted.

Jo Lyn & Kevin, July 2007. Refreshed.


"Now that I'm no longer under Naturopathic care,  
NuSkin/Pharmanex products provide me with balanced, wholistic nutritional support.  

The "best of both worlds" - Pharmanex products are all pharmaceutical grade, 
over- the-counter scientifically formulated natural remedies.  

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Aging Response Modulators (ARMs) in NuSkin's Pharmanex nutritional line: ARMs target the youth gene clusters and modulate (regulate) them, effectively "resetting" the genes that affect aging.  
October 2010 - 
Is the expected launch of ARMs which will revitalize the genes in the brain, heart and muscles.  
with NUSKIN!