Authentic: genuine, real, valid, bona fide, true. 
unified, completeness, fullness, comprehensiveness.

happiness, delight, elation, gladness, satisfaction.

Respected, treasured, prized, admired, appreciated.

Liberty, candor,    free expression, autonomy,           self-determination.

Development, expansion, progress, improvement, openness.

Strength, energy, influence, talent, capacity, ability, potential. 

Content, cheerful, ecstatic, delighted, favored, glad.  

Adoration, affection, fondness, caring, communion, joy.

Extra + Ordinary = Extraordinary

In the Beginning

In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. John 1:1

The Experience

Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. St John 5:39


By the power of the Spirit our eyes were opened and our understandings were enlightened, so as to see and understand the things of God— Doctrine and Covenants 76:12

"For intelligence cleaveth unto intelligence; wisdom receiveth wisdom; truth embraceth truth; virtue loveth virtue; light cleaveth unto light; mercy hath compassion on mercy and claimeth her own; justice continueth its course and claimeth its own; judgment goeth before the face of him who sitteth upon the throne and governeth and executeth all things." Doctrine & Covenants 88:40

Kevin & Jo Lyn Cornelsen 2007

Discovering Personal Power

You've worked so hard, holding everything together, taking care of everyone else's wants and needs.    

You may have read books, attended seminars, and listened to the advice of experts.
When you look back you're amazed to see how far you've come. But if the real truth were known... 

...Do you really greet each day with joyful anticipation?
...Are you experiencing optimum health?

...Does your financial life support you well?
...Are you fullfilled by the work you are doing? 
...Are you admired, loved, cherished and appreciated?

...Do you feel centered, whole and complete?

If Not... it's time to change all that!  You've come to the right place... you're about to learn how to create a new sense of personal freedom!

Authentic Wholeness is Possible. Healing Can Begin Quickly, and You Deserve It!

"All negative feelings are caused by energy imbalances in the body.” -Gary Craig

“Energy Therapies and Health Coaching have given me a fresh start.    I feel totally clean and clear in both body and mind – all the way down to my cellular level” – Jo Lyn Cornelsen, RN

"When you start studying Energy... there's always more to learn." - Carla Summerlin

Hello and Welcome! 

We live in a time of mind-boggling scientific advances and unlimited opportunities, things that our ancestors could not even imagine. With everything so easily available, you'd think that becoming successful would be easy.  But sometimes, we get stuck. Sometimes, the game of life keeps repeating itself.  We get just so far, then find that life is dealing out the same old hand, and our cards play out again and again in the same defeating patterns. 

We see others who have "made it", so we keep trying, giving it all we've got, doing everything we can think of to become successful, but still seem come up short.  Despite our best efforts and attempts at success, true confidence, riches and inner peace remain illusory... just beyond our reach.   

Are we meant to surrender to a life of frustration and mediocrity? Our souls cry out, "Is this all there is?" or "What's the point?"

If those words resonate with you, then you've come to the right place.  Not too long ago, emotionally and physically broken, I was preparing to lea
ve this world... in fact, my physical pain had become so great that I looked forward to experiencing release through my own death.  Doctors didn't have an answer for me.  I felt I had become  a burden to those I loved, and they would be better off without me.  I became determined to "get out of my body, one way or another". 

My family's love and acceptance was constant, and they urged me not to give up.  I decided to try naturopathic medicine as my last resort.  Astonishingly, once I decided to open my mind to new alternatives, I discovered simple, easy healing methods that quickly turned my health around, effectively "bringing me back to life".  

I'm still being led ~ I find I'm learning more each day.  My gratitude for "renewed life" compels me to find a way to share these blessings with others. So I'm creating this site to share with you the best of the tools I've discovered in my path toward healing... therapies and techniques that you can use to quickly break through those "insurmountable" barriers, and get you to the place where you can achieve what you really want in your life! 

My healing path started with working only with the physical body, because that's all I was "open" to. Under the guidance of a gifted Naturopath, I stopped causing damage, and within just six months my body detoxified.  On a Simple Foods diet and using herbal remedies, I lost 65 pounds, dropped from a size 22 to a size 8.  My liver enzymes, elevated for 30 years, returned to normal.  My family practice physician couldn't believe what he saw. 

I looked fabulous - but I was frail. 
It was time to stabilize and re-build my strength.  The transition from "dieting and detox" proved difficult.  Though I was healthier and happier than before, I found myself re-creating struggle.  I'd get just so far toward my goals, but then experience the same old self-defeating life patterns. My weight fluctuated.  So did our income. We got out of debt - then right bact knto it. I realized that my health challenges were not the cause of our life struggles - they were simply symptoms of something else - something far deeper than physical illness. 

This time, I had hope.  I'd been able to make some huge positive life changes, and I was ready for more. I decided to study Energy.  

Energy medicine taught me that at birth, we take on generational patterns and beliefs not just in our thoughts and learned behaviors, but in the DNA of our body's cells. 
We are in fact, totally integrated energy beings, manifesting in physical bodies in this mortal realm.    I learned simple, profound holistic therapies that can shift the stuck energy patterns within our bodies, which then frees us up to begin creating our lives anew.   Our potential for healing is pre-programmed within us ~ we just need to stop blocking it and let it flow. 

I also connected with others who have charted their own path toward healing and wholeness, and are also sharing what they've learned with others.

A Word of Warning: When you embark on a conscious journey to change your life, expect to feel "unsettled" in the process. Our natural instinct is to resist change, because the current reality is familiar and therefore "comfortable", even when it no longer serves us.  I have experienced this "unsettled" phenomenon with each new breakthrough, and have sometimes felt totally adrift. When that happens, I continue use the tools shown to me by my coaches and trust my Creator to lead me into more personal light and truth.  

I am on a wonderful journey, and I am enjoying an incredible blessing of renewal.  People who knew me when I was ill often don't recognize The New Me.  My physical health and strength continue to improve.  My intimate relationships are ever more tender and supportive.  My financial world is stabilizing
.  I am now growing into the place of conscious creation ~ that place of inner certainty and stability that I call Authentic Wholeness.

Though my journey is very personal, I would be extremely selfish if I did not show my gratitude by sharing what I've learned with others.  My goal is to shorten your learning curve by facilitating your journey, step by step.  You don't need to take three years like I did to begin to turn your life around.  You can save time and money by using this site as a guide - I'll show you to the most effective healing modalities that I know. You will be able to focus your energy on your healing and growth in any area that you want to work on, and effectively transform your life into what you choose it to be.     

Simple, amazing, and profound, these therapies are "nothing new under the sun"... they have been proven by thousands of people. Had I been open to learning about them earlier, my past ten years would have been so much easier, and I wouldn't have had to experience such personal pain and sorrow. But as Grandmother used to say, "there's no use crying over spilt milk".  

As a Registered Nurse with a Scientist Father, my upbringing and medical training led me to discount holistic medicine as unscientific quackery.  Stories of alternative healing methods seemed like just another scam.  Based on my experiences, attitudes and beliefs, I did not believe that a renewal of health was possible for someone my age. These inherited and acquired closed-minded patterns kept me trapped, frustrated and struggling for many years, and nearly cost me my life. 

Looking back, it may seem like those years of struggle were a waste, but actually, now I'm grateful for them.  Those years of sustained, extreme stress and struggle caused my physical decline to be dramatic enough to make me finally acknowledge that my approach to life just wasn't working.   

In my defense, I honestly believed that I was "living right".  It's amazing that I was able to create a functional level of success, considering that I was locked into so many self-defeating behavior patterns.  Only when facing total disability and anticipated a slow and agonizing death, was I ready to reach out and consider something different.

Once I began the journey of renewal, my newfound understanding has actually supported and strengthened my faith in my Creator, deepened my appreciation for the incredible natural beauties of this world, renewed my faith in the power of our individual spirits, and taught me more about the resilient, God-given healing abilities of our minds and bodies.   

I now wake up in the morning and greet each day with anticipation rather than dread.  I have experienced wonderful growth in every facet of my life.  The things I ask for are showing up.  Sometimes the changes unfold so rapidly and in such ways that they take me by surprise! 

There is no virtue in waiting to hit absolute rock bottom before making needed changes in your life.  Each moment of each day that you have in this life is precious.  It is possible for you to easily and quickly clear old negative patterns and let go of disempowering thoughts and beliefs.  It's possible, and it is time... time to begin living your truth now in more light and joy.

"Authentic Wholeness" is possible, and you do deserve it. You can learn to create your own life miracles, using the power within.  My you enjoy a blessed journey!

Jo Lyn Cornelsen, RN, Author, Speaker, Energy Coach, Entrepreneur.