My focused study of Energy began as a means to free up the inner contradictions that kept me struggling in life with "one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake".  

I learned about Energy Medicine - EFT, RET, CST, Reiki, Healing Touch, and others ... and the world of Chakras, Meridians, Auric Fields... and more. 

I am convinced that the Law of Attraction, defined as "whatever we send out returns to us magnified", works on us like the Law of Gravity.  They are both Universal Laws of Creation that work whether we understand them or not.  

Once we come to understand Our Creator's Laws, we can use them to our benefit - and begin to live our lives "on purpose", rather than by default.   

A nurse by profession, I find the Energy Medicine field to be extremely fascinating.  We have inherited, from our Creator, an incredible capacity to create... and the opportunity to choose what we will create.   

The capacity is within us - imbedded in our Energy Fields and DNA ... the basic "substance" of our beings.   Our energy fields can be healthy... or not... and we have the capacity within us to heal them... and thus heal our lives.    

Thoughts are energy... Thought creates emotion, which creates perception, which creates our reality.  It follows that when we change our thoughts, we change our lives. 

We have power over our thoughts.  Therefore healing is a choice. 

Simple.  Profound.  Powerful.