"Sometimes, simply by sitting, the Soul collects Wisdom.
So, do you have the patience to wait
until your mud settles and the water is clear?
Can you remain unmoving
until the right action arises by itself?"
~ Dawn Wells Bain, PHD

"In the early morning dawn, misty remnants of my dream remained,
A gift of conscious enlightenment from our great Creator to me.
In that dream, I'd used my fingernails with curious intent,
Discovering one of nature's wonders.

Sudden realization stilled my fingers.
The casing was a butterfly cocoon.
If I tried to help too much
The butterfly would die,
Never getting strong enough
To really fly."   
"Emotional decisions may not be the least bit logical. Intuition speaks with a powerful calm...Emotion calls out in a high-pitched scream. Choose CALM." - Dawn Bain
High Desire + Low Belief = Despair.  Despair masquerades as depression, self-deprecation, grief, struggle, failure and fear.  For many, despair wears the garments of anger, stubbornness, self-righteousness survival or blame.  Some attempt to numb the pain of despair with alcohol, illicit drugs, or indulging in extreme behaviors - and these false "highs" become addictive.

Still others attempt to resolve despair by "dumbing down" their desires, "settling for less" than what is truly wanted.  Low Desire + Low Belief = Comfort Zone.  Comfort Zone is deceptively "safe".  Comfort Zone keeps people stuck.  Most of what we really want lies just outside the line of our Comfort Zone.

A friend was offered free tickets to the Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar - but turned them down, saying, "I don't want to be rich, I just want to be comfortable".  Perhaps he was unaware that the MMI could raise his vibrational state of Desire + Belief, re-awaken an awareness of BE + DO = HAVE, and align him vibrationally with universal power, thus manifesting into  his life a new level of growth and personal achievement.  He chose to stay stuck.

I love movies like "Hidalgo", "A Knight's Tale", "Patch Adams" - stories of big wins.  What makes a big win?  A Dream or Vision of a Goal, (thoughts & feelings) + Massive Action (overcoming obstacles) + Allowing = Accomplishment. 

What kind of experience are you creating your life to be?


When God leads you to the edge of the cliff, trust Him fully and let go, only one of two things will happen,  either He'll catch you when you fall, or He'll teach you how to fly!   See Revelations 3:8

Your actions come from your images. Apply the notion of thoughts as things to the acquisition of wealth (as an example). If you picture yourself acquiring abundance, if you keep this vision in your mind regardless of the obstacles you encounter, and if you absolutely see it for yourself, then you will act on this image.

You will allow this picture to be dominant in your mental world.
You will make 15 calls a day instead of 3 or 4.
You will find yourself saving a part of your income and thereby paying yourself first, a crucial step in the acquisition of wealth.
You will think wealthy thoughts and surround yourself with people who encourage your visions.
You will find yourself attending classes on important subjects which make up your life mission.
You will be in a continual state of self improvement.
You will seek out the knowledge and the expertise of those who have achieved success in your field.
You will spend time reading about people who have succeeded in spite of humble origins.
Your entire life experience will revolve around the image of you with abundance in your life, all based upon a single thing; a thought.

Wise words by Dr Wayne W. Dyer

Whatever you focus on becomes your reality... Scarcity or Prosperity - the choice is yours!

"Majestic fir trees wrapped in a blanket of snow;
Deer running through the meadow;
Daffodils sprouting in random bouquets in the field; 
There is solace in the certainty that spring follows winter." ~ Jo Lyn Cornelsen
If you're no longer feeling joy in your work, that's a serious message from the spirit within. Change can be scary, but only if what we are being led to is unfamiliar. Learn to trust the spirit... let it lead you through the uncharted territory into greater joy.
Finding God in the Park

Abe was fiercely independent even at the age of 85, but after a mild stroke his son insisted that he move in with him. Abe missed going to the park near his old apartment and one Saturday he set out to find it. When he became disoriented, he asked a young boy where the park was. The boy, named Timmy, said that he`d like to take Abe there, but that he didn`t have time because he was out looking for God. Timmy said he needed to talk to him about why his parents were getting a divorce.

"Maybe God is in the park," said the old man. "I`d like to talk to him too about why he has made me useless." And so they set off together to find God.

At the park Timmy began to cry about the divorce and Abe held his face in both hands and looked him straight in the eyes. "Timmy, I don`t know why bad things happen, but I know it`s not because of you. Your parents love you and you`ll be OK."

"Are you sure?"

"I`m sure."

Timmy gave Abe a big hug and said, "I`m so glad I met you. Thanks. I think I can go now."

From across the street Timmy`s mother had seen them hug so she approached him and in a worried voice said, "Who was that old man?"

"I think he`s God," Timmy said.

"Did he say that?" the mother demanded.

"No, but when he touched me and told me I`m going to be OK, I really felt better. I think only God can do that."

When Abe got home, his son in a scolding voice asked, "Where were you?"

"I was in the park with God," Abe said.

"Really? What makes you think you were with God?"

"Because he sent me a boy who needed me, and when the boy hugged me I felt God telling me I wasn`t useless."
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