Your actions come from your images. Apply the notion of thoughts as things to the acquisition of wealth (as an example). If you picture yourself acquiring abundance, if you keep this vision in your mind regardless of the obstacles you encounter, and if you absolutely see it for yourself, then you will act on this image.

You will allow this picture to be dominant in your mental world.
You will make 15 calls a day instead of 3 or 4.
You will find yourself saving a part of your income and thereby paying yourself first, a crucial step in the acquisition of wealth.
You will think wealthy thoughts and surround yourself with people who encourage your visions.
You will find yourself attending classes on important subjects which make up your life mission.
You will be in a continual state of self improvement.
You will seek out the knowledge and the expertise of those who have achieved success in your field.
You will spend time reading about people who have succeeded in spite of humble origins.
Your entire life experience will revolve around the image of you with abundance in your life, all based upon a single thing; a thought.

Wise words by Dr Wayne W. Dyer

Whatever you focus on becomes your reality... Scarcity or Prosperity - the choice is yours!

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