Some thoughts:
You are not alone. We've all got immense challenges in this economy.
Everything is negotiable. Negotiate those bills away. 
Simplify sooner rather than later.  
Some things don't have quick fixes, and just have to "play out". 
But when we let go of the past, we are free to create the future. 
Give the burdens to the Lord, trust, and go forward.

Everything is Energy. Energy is Everything.
Every day, spend time on your own personal development - journal your goals, your affirmations, and your successes. 

Raise your energy levels by changing your thoughts, which will change your feelings, and give you power to change things in your physical world. 

When you're feeling down, rather than dwelling on the problem, say to yourself "Thank you for sharing", and then do something that inspires or motivates you. 

You deserve to be free of past burdens and to live in joy, peace and prosperity. It begins with changing your inner thought patterns and beliefs about what's possible.

We have found we can feel happy despite the worldly cares.
Love and prayers... Jo Lyn

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