From a Linked-In conversation: 

"Kimball, my guess is, your layoff after decades of stellar performance wasn't about you personally - you were paid for the work you did, and that was your thanks. The layoff was more likely a matter of the company refocusing in a changing world. The domino effect of sustained economic stress is pretty brutal, hitting even the best of companies and the best of employees.

Decades of working in a specific way creates deeply ingrained thought and behavior patterns that may be difficult to shift when the need arises - which is NOW. That's where your self doubt comes from.  YOU are the same energetic, responsible, creative, dedicated person, but your energy patterns are stuck in what used to work for you.

It's the world that has changed.  You still have within you the ability to let go of the old world and step into a new, more exciting and vibrant one. The need to do so is unfamiliar, and hence, uncomfortable.  It doesn't mean you are any less capable, talented, or powerful.  Here's a tool that can help anyone work through such a transition and come out "whole" on the other side:

The 2010 Tapping World Seminar is in progress now, with 20 online seminars in 10 days... we personally benefited greatly by streaming into them last year.

If you're new to Energy Therapies - you'll feel a bit wierd tapping your fingertips on the energy meridians of your own body - but hey - they have enlisted some of the worlds best therapists who are offering their time at No Cost - what do you have to lose?

An event occurs - which we perceive, and we have a thought and an emotion regarding that event. The more the event affects us personally, the stronger the emotion.  Thoughts, emotions and perceptions combined, create a belief (self-doubt vs self confidence?).  It's a simple but powerful formula that can be used to change our results.  

Change is an opportunity for growth - you have time freedom now - do something wonderful with it!"  
Jo Lyn

"Be like the bird that, passing on her flight awhile on boughs too slight, feels them give way beneath her, and yet sings, knowing that she hath wings." - Victor Hugo

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