Today's economy has hit so many businesses - people who normally have no problem moving onward and upward have been downsized and outsized through no fault of their own....

In my Elder Care Home business, ( most people have paid for their care by selling their homes.  When they can't sell their home, their care is paid by Medicaid (welfare), which pays about half the income of private pay.  As a result of this domino effect, our business has suffered.  It is still still providing great care to special people - but at this point, it no longer produces a powerful income.   

Our solution is to leverage my current expertise, yet expand our business in a new (but related) direction.  Health & Wellness,  Training, and Home Based Business are my expertise and core interests...

So I've moved  from the Aging Industry to the Anti-Aging Industry, and now promote cutting edge, patented products that re-set the human youth gene clusters and produce more vibrant health and beauty... and  This is new technology - the wave of the future for our business.

In the process of clarifying what direction I should take, I followed Brian Tracy's recommendation to identify my top 10 goals for the next year, then pick THE ONE that, IF I could accomplish it in the next 24 hours, would make the MOST DIFFERENCE in my life.  That is the one to focus on NOW.  

I encourage everyone who is in transition to do some soul searching regarding occupation and this economy.... If what you've done in the past no longer supports you, be pro-active and move into something that WILL support you... something that you can whole-heartedly step into and "Lead the Field", as Earl Nightengale used to say.  

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” - Alexander Graham Bell

Blessings... Jo Lyn

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